Here you will enjoy the ultimate luxury in Atlanterra on about 250 sqm of living and terrace area and about 250 sqm of private garden area with a completely unrestricted view all around on the back of the hill, which is a particularly striking element of the urbanization in this part – with rock formations, caves and steep cliffs. 

From the garden, an unsecured staircase leads to a viewing platform with spectacular 360-degree panoramic views. 

Nestled in this wild environment rises the top of the total of 5 levels of the house. The two bedrooms (parents/children), each with approx. 25 sqm, are air-conditioned like the entire living level and have underfloor heating – which can also be used while the air-conditioning is running – for the extensively laid light-colored ceramic floors. 

In the middle of the owner’s suite is a patio – shelter on days with strong winds and popular place to sit there on a lounger at night to watch the starry sky. The living/dining room offers a spectacular 240° panorama with views southward to the Tangier skyline, across the Atlantic, and then northwestward to the Trafalgar Lighthouse, the site of spectacular sunsets in summer. Sliding doors that go down to the floor allow you to open onto the wood-planked balconies and terrace of over 50 square meters, from which the view is extended once again – across the hinterland of La Janda to Vejer de la Frontera, Arcos de la Frontera and all the way to Benalup – you can see the lights of all these places on a clear day.

The two bedrooms have closet walls in which the air conditioning units are integrated and floor-to-ceiling door/window elements to the garden. The owner’s bedroom has a direct connecting door to the bathroom room with freestanding bathtub, from which there is a direct view of the sea through glazing to the living level. 

The bathroom with another exit to the living level also has a shower, a toilet and a double washbasin and is air-conditioned, as is the entire living level. In addition, right next to the second bedroom there is a shower room with a WC and a washbasin.

Next to the stairs leading down to the “hall” level is the kitchen zone with its own storage/storage room. 

The kitchen zone has its own door leading to the wrap-around balcony and, like the living level as a whole, full panoramic sea views. Cook and taste everything you prepare here, overlooking the Atlantic, from breakfast to late dinner!


NOTE: The owner’s suite is bookable only from April 2023.


When you book Gecko’s Retreat, you book a house with one of the most beautiful living halls in the entire urbanization. 

You have almost 180 degree views of the sea and can step out onto the terrace in front of the infinity pool through the sliding doors that reach down to the ground. The weatherproof seating elements by “Dedon” can all be brought out onto the terrace for indoor and outdoor use. A fireplace is available for use during the cooler seasons. In the living hall there is a dining area for 6-8 people. 

The living hall leads – as if across a bridge – to the Cookpit, the unique place to cook and communicate at the bar counter while watching the sun set over Cap Trafalgar in the summer. Just off the Cookpit is the Sundown Balcony, reserved only for guests over 14. It allows the same wonderful view. Only, for safety reasons, children and infants are not allowed on it.


Important to know: As in the hotel, the hall is also the place where the staircase arrives. In our case, guest rooms 1 to 3 are accessible via a half staircase, all three via an entrance from the outside, No. 1 also from the inside. Another half-staircase down is the upper level of the “duplex” described in more detail below; further stairs down lead to the lower level of the duplex (and to the utility room).


Enjoy the 180° plus panorama in the swimming pool in front of the “hall” and the surrounding terrace area. 

The infinity pool is 13 meters long and heated. 

From the terrace you have access – as after returning from the beach – to the room located in the house “pool shower and changing room” with toilet, shower and a washbasin with a large mirror and two vanities.


Our guest rooms 1, 2 and 3 all have ocean views, some combined with land views, and all enjoy a wonderful morning summer coolness in the summer as well as views of the sometimes spectacular sunsets over Cabo Trafalgar because they have been built into the rocky slope so that the strong sun from morning to noon cannot heat them up. 

All three guest rooms have access to their own garden level and – partly shared – a generous sun terrace in front of a covered area. Rooms 1 and 3 each have a shower room, while room 2 has a bathtub. 


They do not have direct connecting doors but, for reasons of sound insulation, each have common anterooms that can function as storage and wardrobe areas. All three rooms can be combined as follows: 1 plus 2; 2 plus 3; 1 plus 2 plus 3. 

If you want more distance with the variant 1 + 3, you should know that in this case guest room “Paris” has only one (covered) external access to the level with the hall and the “Cookpit” or terrace. The same applies if it is not desired that the guests of “Paris” and/or “Nice” cross the room “Casablanca”.


The house is not completely barrier-free! If you have to pay attention to the most barrier-free living possible, you should choose the guest room “Casablanca”, because it is only accessible via a half staircase to the level of the hall, terrace and cookpit. “Casablanca” is then also located at ground level to the garden area “-1”. Likewise, “Casablanca” can reach the area of “Nice” via the terrace. For the family with three generations we therefore recommend Casablanca for the grandparents, Nice for the children/grandchildren and Paris for the parents. In this way, the children are integrated between the parents and the grandparents. They can make contact in the morning through one or the other connection zone or meet their grandparents on the Casablanca/Nice terrace.


All three guest rooms have air conditioning that can cool as well as heat.

Additional note: The house has two baby cribs. All guest rooms are suitable for the placement of a baby crib. In this case, it might be advisable to move the outdoor-suitable desk out of the room.


The “Duplex” is accessible via the same staircase from the hall (see description above). A family with 4 children and another couple (except the (first) grandparent couple could book in such a way that e.g. the second grandparent couple occupies the bedroom there (with bathroom and separate toilet) on the lower level of the “Duplex”, the two bigger or adult children use the sofa bed on the upper level of the “Duplex”. 

In this constellation (1+2+3+Duplex) you have 5 bedrooms and 4 sanitary units for a total of 10 guests with their own sleeping space, not counting baby beds. There is also the possibility of using the pool shower as an optional fifth sanitary unit.


The duplex, like the guest rooms 1 – 3, has air-conditioned chests that can both cool and heat. Moreover, like the hall and the owner’s level, it has underfloor heating on both levels. There is an interior balcony on each of the two levels that provides protection from the heat in the summer and from the wind or rain in cooler seasons. The lower level has access to a small garden area via the balcony as well as a separate exterior door. 

It is therefore predestined also for stays in the months of November to February, thus not only for beach and bathing stays but also for people who want to spend a creative time out of the usual season by the sea, whether for private or business reasons. On its upper level, the duplex has a similar beautiful sea view as the “Cookpit” one floor higher. The lower level would have a sea view if the surrounding garden were not so green and densely overgrown.

It is precisely in these periods that the combination “Duplex + Owner Suite” is interesting and appealing: For example, two creative teams could use completely separate levels of the house in pairs, meeting each other in the hall, on the terraces, in the gardens – and still welcome other guests temporarily in guest rooms 1- 3.


You have learned a lot about our house up to this point. Let’s take another angle: How many terraces and garden zones are there?


1. Duplex:

On the lower level, the duplex apartment has an interior wind-protected balcony (SSW) and a surrounding landscaped outdoor area, which is so ingrown that there is no sea view from here. On the upper level there is another interior balcony. From the bathroom there is a direct covered exit to this small garden area. Moreover, the duplex has a small outdoor balcony on its upper level.


2. Guest rooms 1 to 3:

All three guest rooms have access to their own garden zone with sea view via a covered access outside. Above the wood-planked access is a jewel – the natural stone cave on the property, which can be “climbed” from the access. The garden zone is suitable for boules or bocce, less so for badminton.


3. Hall:

In front of the hall is the pool zone with greenery. Boule or boccia can also be played on this level. Badminton can also be played there in calm or light winds.


4. Owner’s level:

The owner’s level is located two floors above the guest rooms 1-3. Here there is another garden zone. It is suitable for boules, boccia, archery, badminton or other leisure activities. It can be reached through the roof terrace or through the exit doors of the owner bedrooms. Access to the natural stone cave is reserved for her; above the garden zone there is also the “mirador”, reserved exclusively for the owner or the tenants of this area.

Exclusively reserved for the owner level is also the use of the wood-planked roof terrace, located above the hall and the Cookpit. This roof terrace is also suitable for setting up smaller (inflatable) children’s pools up to 300 cm in diameter; this is a recommendation for guests whose children are still very small and who should not under any circumstances climb into the large pool on the hall level.


You park in front of the entrance to the property. There are two parking spaces available there. 

Additional parking spaces are being planned and are expected to be available in Feb. 2023.